Before your mouth starts watering, let us clear up all your doubts! 

What is a Private Chef Experience?

A Private Chef Experience is the opportunity to have a Fine Dining Moment while being at home, relaxed. To transform your place in an Exclusive Restaurant. Our Private Chefs will design a menu that goes along with your preferences and the context of your booking and create an exclusive Experience that you will never forget.

What is the difference between a Chef and a Private Chef ?

A Private Chef is someone who cooks and runs a team professionally outside of the Restaurant environment. A Chef is someone who runs a team in the Kitchen, usually in a Restaurant, with a previously approved Menu.

Our Private Chefs go directly to our clients place, whether it is a rental, a vacation home, a yacht or an Airbnb, and cook for you a delicious multiple course meal.

What Services can I hire?

We currently provide Showcooking, Private Dining Experiences, Event and Corporate Catering. We love challenges so we are always open to your ideias, suggestions and requests! 

How much does it cost to hire a Private Chef?

As we provide customised tailor-made Menus, the prices of our Experiences are not fixed. A Private Chef Experience starts at 65€ per person for a group of 10 persons (minimum).

Can I choose the menu?

Our main goal is to provide a delicious meal with fresh high quality ingredients, fully customised by you with the help of your Private Chefs. We care about your preferences, and that is why we always make sure to know a little bit more about you and your Guests. Are you a Fish Lover? Lobster is your middle name? Then let us know! 

How can I book a service?

To book a service with a Private Chef, you just need to answer our form with the details of your request. In alternative you can always send an email to info@ouichef and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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