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Quinta do Olival, Armamar

Located in the Douro Valley, in Quinta do Olival, you will feel country vibes as it stands out for its artistic decoration and lovely views over the valley and vineyards.

The house is very well decorated and fully equipped with everything you might need to spend a relaxing time.

You can take advantage of its large outdoor space to have a themed dinner with the Oui Chef team. We design a Menu according to your food taste, elevating your meal to the highest level.


Quinta do Gato, Armamar

Country house, amidst vineyards, apple trees and orchards and located in the Douro Valley in the heart of the Unesco world heritage site.

Ideal place for families and friends to enjoy the most beautiful that the Douro has to offer.

Quinta do Gato is the ideal place to experience a meal with the Oui Chef team. We design a menu according to your food tastes, elevating your meal to the highest level.



Encostas da Baronesa, Alijó

Encostas da Baronesa is a true retreat in the heart of the Douro, the oldest demarcated and regulated wine region in the world. At this luxurious house you can relax while we prepare the best meals for you and yours. 

Enjoy, with all the privacy and comfort, an invigorating holiday with our Team, right in the heart of Alto Douro Wine Region, classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage site. 

Casa D’Os Reais, Sabrosa

Located in Alto Douro Vinhateiro, Casa D’Os Reais offers a classic atmosphere, modern comfort and hospitality that spoils any guest.

Living room with fireplace, dining room, games room, gym, equipped kitchen.

The house has an infinity pool surrounded by the beautiful Douro landscape, characterized by its natural richness.

You can enjoy meals prepared by our team on the Deck overlooking the Douro River.



Quinta de Sá, Gaia

Born from the refurbishment of an abandoned 19th Century Farm House, Quinta de Sá embodies the nostalgia of decades of history in rural Portugal, while providing the confort of modern life.

It’s a unique setting, 10 minutes drive from the historical center of Porto yet located in a natural valley, looking at a little stream winding it’s way to the Douro river.

At Quinta de Sá you can enjoy the cosmopolitan life of Porto and still be able to relax at night, wake up with the roosters and watch the horses slowly feed in the fields while the fading morning fog begins to unfold spectacular views.


Casa da Visa, Vila do Conde

Casa da Visa is located in a rural area and was once a farmhouse. In the restoration carried out, the preservation of the architectural features and the combination of contemporary details, made the space private, simple and cozy. 

The good access roads, make this house a refuge of proximity.

This house is the ideal place to have a gastronomic experience with our team. The house has a wood-fired oven where you can enjoy a meal prepared in it.


Abbey Apartments, Porto

Right in Porto’s city centre you will find Abbey Apartments. Modern and comfortable, your Private Dinning Experience is the perfect match for your stay!

Whether you are celebrating a special occasion or gathering family to explore the city, our team is pleased to provide you the perfect moment. 

From a Dinner with a chef to a Wine Tasting Experience, here you can enjoy everything your imagination allows. 

You dream it, we cook it!


7g Apartments, Vila Nova de Gaia

If you are looking for the most exclusive experiences, this is your place. With a 7 experience concept, 7g awaits you just right by Douro river.

Enjoy a lovely stay in the comfortable and modern apartments, while you try all of the 7 different experiences, one of them being our Private Dining Concept.

We invite you to customise the menu so that it leaves up to your expectations, making your stay one of a kind!